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Precision and efficiency in marine sensor deployment

We are developing state-of-the-art Ocean robots which can be used to deliver low power sensors to wherever you need them to be.

Our platform is designed to operate in harsh marine environments for long periods, up to 6 months. Costs of sensor deployments are drastically reduced vs traditional methods whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

The Robots are designed with a variety of mounting options to cater for a range of sensor types.

Examples of sensors which could be mounted to an online oceans USV
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Unlocking underwater insights with acoustic harvesting technology

Our Ocean robots are designed with acoustic harvesting in-mind. Whilst we are initially focused on sensor deployment we aim to introduce an acoustic harvesting platform in due course. With this, it will become possible to drastically reduce the cost and carbon footprint of extracting and on-shoring sub-sea data. The same functionality can also be used to support over the horizon AUV operations through live positioning support.

Example of a sub-sea sensor lander
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