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Our state-of-the-art Ocean robots are designed to get you the data you need, at a cost you can afford. With an excess of solar energy, our platforms can provide a power budget to a host of sensor payloads.

Utilising the latest in satellite communications, our robots are designed to operate in the harsh marine environment for extended periods. Our solution offers real-time access to the data you need without having to get your feet wet.

A variety of sensor mounting options are available both above and below the waterline. This ensures you can get the data you need, how you need it.

Examples of sensors which could be mounted to an online oceans USV
Your data, but cleaner and greener

Unlocking underwater insights with acoustic harvesting technology

Our Ocean robots are designed with acoustic harvesting in-mind. By deploying a fleet of ocean robots you can drastically reduce the cost and carbon footprint of extracting and on-shoring subsea data. The same functionality can also be used to support over the horizon AUV operations through live positioning support.

Example of a sub-sea sensor lander
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