Enabling low-cost ocean access

Delivering uncrewed surface vessels to unlock Ocean data.

Revolutionising Sensor Deployment and Acoustic Harvesting with Drones

Our innovative drone boats are transforming the way sensor deployments and acoustic harvesting are conducted. With cutting-edge USV technology and advanced capabilities, we offer a game-changing solution for collecting Ocean data.

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Efficient and Cost-Effective Marine Data Collection with USVs

Discover the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of using uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) for marine data collection. Our USVs offer a reliable and innovative solution for sensor deployments and acoustic harvesting of existing sensors. Capable of extended deployments they drastically reduce the cost of remote ocean data collection

Sensor Deployments

Our USVs enable seamless and precise sensor deployments, ensuring accurate data collection every time.

Acoustic Harvesting

Harness the power of our USVs for efficient acoustic harvesting of existing sensors.

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Discover Solutions Personalised for You

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Embrace the future with Uncrewed Surface Vessels

Our USVs offer reduced human risk, high endurance, and precision in data collection. Experience the future of marine technology today.

Reduced Risk

With our USVs, you can collect valuable data without endangering human lives or resources.

High Endurance

Our USVs are designed to operate for extended periods, ensuring continuous data collection.

Traditional weather buoy

Streamlined Process for Efficient Data Collection

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Deployment Process

Our USVs are designed to be easily launched and recovered, either from shore or a vessel of opportunity

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Data Collection

During the mission, our USVs efficiently collect data from a range of available sensors.

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Data Retrieval

During the mission, collected data is beamed back to shore in real time, ready for analysis.

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Data Analysis

Our team of experts analyse the collected data to provide valuable insights and solutions.

Designed from the keel up to survive anything the ocean can throw at it

Experience the power of uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) and unlock new possibilities in data collection and analysis. Our long endurance USV offers cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and seamless integration, making them the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you need a USV for sensor deployments or acoustic harvesting, we have the right solution for you.

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Hull optimised for efficiency

Our hull features a robust and efficient design, ensuring unparalleled endurance and stability in diverse marine environments. Advanced composites ensure a lightweight yet strong construction.

Example battery setup

Battery designed for endurance

To meet our demanding requirements, we design and build our high-capacity lithium-ion batteries in-house. Featuring high energy density and a unique form factor they are designed to handle the worst the ocean can throw at them.

Example motor

Ultra-efficient drivetrain

The electric drivetrain was designed from a blank sheet of paper to offer the highest end-to-end efficiency of any commercially available USV. Not only is it highly efficient, but it is also designed for 6-month deployments.

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